Seed Saving Tips & Techniques (Kindle)

Seed Saving Tips & Techniques: Julie Turner: Kindle Store

Most keen gardeners decide at some stage that they want to save their own seed. Raising your own seedlings is extremely satisfying. I still find it so exciting and heart-warming when I grow beautiful, healthy plants from seed that I have collected myself. Watching a seed germinate, become a seedling, and then mature gives me such joy and deep satisfaction. It is witnessing and participating in the miracle of life!

I want to share with you how to save yourself a small fortune by collecting your own seeds and saving them for the next gardening season. This is a guide to getting the best results when saving your own seeds.

In this book you'll learn:

  • How to avoid common mistakes
  • Know that you are growing totally organically
  • Learn about germination requirements for plant families
  • Plant life cycles
  • Seed viability, pollination and isolation distances
  • Best ways to store your seeds