Clean It! A to Z Guide of How To Clean Your Home (Kindle)

Clean It! A to Z Guide of How To Clean Your Home : 667 Ideas For Cleaning Everything, The Quick & Easy Way (Gleam Guru): Colette Leigh: Kindle Store

Letís face it: cleaning your home can be a major frustration. There are spills to clean up. Endless surfaces to dust. Rugs to vacuum. Add all this to the busy life you lead with work, family, and friends, and itís no wonder you need quick and effective tips on housecleaning.

Thatís exactly where ďClean It! A to Z Guide to Cleaning EverythingĒ comes into play!

From tough stains to delicate surfaces, from cherished family heirlooms that need restoration to common, everyday objects that can be recycled and reused, there are 667 topics, organized alphabetically, for your convenience in this special housecleaning guide.

Whatís more, the cheaper and eco-friendly methods youíll find in this guide are generally preferred whenever possible. We did this to ensure you don't throw good money down the drain on high-end commercial products, when the solution was right in front of you all the time.