Stretch meals with leftover rice

1. Make soup a meal! Stir cooked rice into canned tomato, lentil or

black bean soup with chopped parsley and grated lemon zest.


2. Extend meatloaf! Add to your favorite meatloaf or burger recipe to

create more servings


3. Instant rice pudding! Mix rice into prepared vanilla pudding,

Sprinkle with cinnamon and top with whipped cream.


4. Bulk up a burrito! Roll up with jarred salsa, drained kidney beans

and shredded cheese in a flour tortilla.Microwave to heat.


5. Serve a heartier chili! Heat with a can of chili. Serve topped with

shredded cheddar and a little sour cream.


6, Whip up a tuna rice salad! Toss with drained canned tuna, chopped

tomatoes, parsley, scallions and bottled italian vinaigrette

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