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    Grandma Donna

    Default saving on gas topping off the tank

    I heard that if you TOP off or over fill your your gas tank a few

    extra cents to make it an even number, that it doesn't really add more

    gas but sucks some gas out if it's too close to the top. Does anyone

    know for SURE if this is true? No guesses please. I couldn't find it

    on snopes.

    Also heard that if you start pumping gas and the gas pump meter starts

    reading numbers but your gas coming out of pump starts a few seconds

    later that you are losing gas. I hope I explained that right. Anyone

    have that happen?



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    Default saving on gas topping off the tank

    Don't know about the sucking gas back out but do know that you are not supposed

    to put more in after the pump clicks cos that room is needed for expansion when

    the gas gets warm, apparently can cause explosions but don't know how likely

    that is.




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