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Catch Sami
Genre: Games
Release Date: December 20, 2012
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Join the mustachioed sheep Sami Barket and other crazy sheep in this hilarious game where you catch sheep and shear them for wool! Get the best quality wool from these zany sheep as they roam the fields, take long naps, graze on grass and have a great time for sheep anyway. Due to their stress-free, fun-filled life, these sheep produce silky dense wool perfect for high-end apparel. So whip out your shears and get ready to catch yourself some sheep!


Your mission is to Catch Sami and his sheep friends. Shear them well and collect their highly sought-after wool.

No complicated game controls. With just your index finger, you can capture the sheep for shearing. Sharpen your slash mastery by enclosing the sheep in fences as fast as you can. Reduce the pen area by swiping your finger to create fences. Once you have a sheep cornered; shear all the precious wool you can!

Aim to become the fastest and best shepherd! Get the most wool and strike gold! Collect all Medals from the Achievements List and reach the top of the Leaderboards!


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