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Skyscanner All flights, everywhere!
Genre: Travel
Release Date: February 17, 2011

The most flexible and powerful flight search app in the world.

Compares millions of flights on over 1000 airlines.

Finds the cheapest places to fly.

Finds the cheapest dates to fly.

And it’s free.

Need a cheap flight, fast? Compare over 1000 budget and scheduled airlines in seconds with the free Skyscanner iPhone app Version 2; saves money, saves time. Buy air tickets direct from airlines or travel agents and get the best deals. It’s simple, independent and finds the lowest fares with a few quick taps, wherever you want to fly.

Why Download the Skyscanner iPhone app Version 2?

•Skyscanner is the world’s best flight site
•Finds the cheapest places to fly
•Finds the cheapest dates to fly
•Searches over 1000 airlines and travel agents
•See ALL flight options in one easy app
•Busy? Email flight details to yourself or save your favourite routes with one tap
•Joint trip? Share flight details with friends, family or colleagues
•Skyscanner is 100% independent and shows ALL airlines including low cost carriers and scheduled airlines
•Available in 28 languages
•It’s FREE!

What the press say about Skyscanner:

“Flexible, fair and fearsomely indispensable.” – The Guardian

“Lightning-fast; it’s easy to use, and has some brilliant gizmos.” – The Sunday Times

“Superb search choices [and a] high number of fast results. A great, flexible site." – Which?

“If you're really looking for the lowest airfares, the Skyscanner system is by far the most useful.” – USA Today

Skyscanner iPhone app Version 2.

All flights, everywhere.

Download it now - free!

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