List Price: $22.09 Deal Price: $8.72 You Save: $13.37 (61%)Breeder's Choice was started over 60 years ago. Because we're dog lovers and experienced dog owners, we have seen first-hand many times how even well-cared-for dogs can have their happiest years brought to a painful and premature end because of degenerating joints. What makes the Active Care system different is natural cartilage and our patented method of obtaining it. Many dog foods have taken an easy leap onto the healthy joint bandwagon by adding varying amounts of synthetic forms of chondroitin and glucosamine, and then claiming to promote good joint health. Natural cartilage provides the all important GAGs in an all natural stable form so there are no chemical side effects. With natural cartilage, Active Care was specifically created to maintain good joint health. Expires Jan 22, 2013

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