The Atlas Brace is designed to simply slip on over head like a helmet. During regular use this system is a repeatable process that doesn’t require the use of any clips, fasteners, or parts that could deteriorate over time and cause the brace to fall off during use. The Atlas Brace also features a one of a kind Emergency Release system. The Atlas Brace uses a unique 2 part frame design that only joins in the front, creating a flexible design that is able to move with the motion of the body. By allowing the frame of the brace to flex during use, the Atlas Brace provides a natural and comfortable experience, without feeling bulky or restrictive. Just like suspension on motorcycles and cars helps absorb bumps in the road and jumps on the track, the suspension built into the chest supports of the Atlas Brace are engineered to help absorb impacts. Concussions and Hyperflexion (head forward) injuries are a big issue with neck braces with rigid front sections, as they only allow the user to hit a defined wall with an abrupt stop, with the sternum and head receiving all the force. The Atlas Brace is all about thinking differently. By allowing the dual chest supports to rotate and flex like suspension they are able to automatically adjust and fit the chest angle of the user, and aim to help to absorb and slow down the impacts that pass through them without an abrupt stop. Expires Feb 2, 2013

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