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    Default MYO: Antiseptic Herbal wipes

    Herbal Wipes
    1 roll Bounty paper towels, cut in half. Use a serrated, sharp knife.
    Remove cardboard tube.
    Put in a Rubbermaid container... try the Collectible round 2-quart
    with a screw-on top. Note: Each recipe makes 2 containers.

    16 oz.. bottle witch hazel
    Add: 1 Tbsp. Tea Tree Essential Oil
    1 teaspoon Lavender Essential Oil
    12 drops Lemongrass Essential Oil

    Shake well.

    Add to 4 cups distilled water and mix well. Pour half over each 1/2
    roll of Bounty towels in jar. Put lid on jar, and turn jar upside
    down and on its side to moisten all towel segments.

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    Default Re: MYO: Antiseptic Herbal wipes

    I've done this before and it's fantastic. No harsh chemicals, lovely clean scent. Highly recommended.



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