List Price: $24.00 Deal Price: $15.33 You Save: $8.67 (36%)The Vetericyn Ear Care line features the Ear Rinse products and consist of one-step ear rinses that clean wounds, treat infections and kill bacteria including antibiotic-resistant MRSA. Vetericyn Ear Wash is designed for flushing, cleaning and treating wounds and infections to the outer ear and ear canal. For cleaning and treating ears affected by infections caused from bacteria, viruses, fungi, contaminants or pollutants. In-solution, this product kills 99.999% of bacteria, single-cell organisms and fungi making it ideal for prevention & control of infections and maintenance of sanitary conditions. Vetericyn Ear Wash kills bacteria such as E.coli, Staph (MRSA), Strep, Moraxella bovis, Pasteurella & Actinomyces, and Pseudonomas Aeruginosa. Expires Jan 15, 2013

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