This is in response to a recent email about managing debt. One of the

really important things for me is to find out why my spending changed

over the years. As I grew older I was not so "in need" or in "want" of

the things I used to. For example I loved buying clothes 20's and 30's,

but in my 40's, I realize I have a lot of stuff I bought that I didn't

wear or really need. It was emotional spending or trying to keep up

with trends. If you have to buy clothes, buy things that are not the

fashion that can be used for at least the next 10 years. Try to keep

the weight stable so you don't have to buy different sizes. You can buy

nice clothes in off season for same cost as Salvation Army if you watch

prices. Also, the more you eat out the more you spend. Rent movies at

the library instead of spending outrageous prices at the movies or see

if your town has free movie night, especially in summer. Also, go

meatless a few times per week. It can save $$$. Use food coupons and

before you go shopping, have a list and stick to it. Check out prices

on in internet and compare before you go to the market. Avoid places

like BJ and Costco and Sam's unless you have abig family. I found

that for small families you end up throwing the away what you cannot

eat in a fast enough time. Read news on the internet and avoid

memberships with newpapers and magazines.