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SellSimple - Sell Everywhere in Under a Minute
SellSimple, Inc
Genre: Lifestyle
Release Date: January 2, 2013

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SellSimple is the no-hassle selling tool right in your pocket!

Sell Everywhere - Simply snap a few pictures, enter your details, & choose where you want to sell.

Simple - Instantly list your item on several popular marketplaces & social networks, right from your phone, in under a minute.

Buyers - Purchase items using just a credit / debit card. Payments on SellSimple are processed by a PCI compliant 3rd party, meaning your credit card data never touches our servers.

Secure Escrow - In order to prevent fraud, payments are held in escrow until you approve the item you've purchased.

Remember, selling things is only a minute away - all you have to do is SellSimple!

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