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Genre: Entertainment
Release Date: October 23, 2012

It is an interesting service integrated with Instagram to discover your fans and your friends and family fans. Login with Instagram, get you recent fans who liked your photos the most, share to Instagram and continue discovering the fans of everyone on Instagram.

With Instafan, you will know who is your biggest fan then you can share this on your Instagram account to show your followers who is it. Your biggest fan is the most person liked your recent photos posted on your Instagram account. This means your biggest fan will keep changing constantly.. Interesting

A search engine is provided to Instafan app so you can always search for any user on Instagram and get to know his fans.

Once you share any biggest fan photo, a default caption message will contain the usernames of both of these account (the user & his fan), so they can comment on this post.. Funny

You will be able to do some of the other activities of Instagram inside Instafan app like follow, unfollow, like and many more features will be available on the next versions using your support and reviews.

We will be happy to recieve your suggestions and comments on Instafan app. Please visit for anymore details and to contact us.

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