Hi all, advice from someone who has 8 cats. Coffee grounds on the pee

smell stains will discourage cats from going in the same area. It

doesn't matter if the coffee grounds are old or new. But before

putting the grounds on, Nature's miracle ( from Petco or any pet

store) is a great spray to use. You cannot use amonia based solutions

because they only mimic pee smells and the cat will go back to the

same spot to urinate. Also, try using a little tin foil on the spot.

the crunching sound repels the cat from going in that area. I also

use Felliway plug ins. also you can buy it at a pet store. It has

special medicine that sprays in the air to keep the cat calm. People

can't smell the smell but cats can. It stops them from peeing outside

the litter box. Most important, keep that litter box clean.