I spent 2 hrs. paying bills and cleaning off my desk. Can I tell you I have apile to shred and found bills I did not know that I had. How bad is that. Uggggggggg Good thing I had the time to do this. I need a better system right to organize. I also have to get something to file the bills that are pd. Thank goodness for prepaid credit cards. I closed our checking account. We have 2 a peronal one a business one. Well the personal one I would deposit and DH woould spend out of it. Dont ask me how he can balance the business account to a Tee. and bounce everything on the personal one. ANyways, I pick the pre-paid cards at CVS and they only cost $2.00. I pay the bills online what I can and It is great. I have a reciept AND not bouncing anything. THis works for me. I am so excited. SO bill paying AND cleaned my desk.
Yeah for me. I am now making my menu for the week.

Dee I went and got a my space what was I thinking!!! http://www.myspace.com/deechristmasbaby