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Hi, all, I wanted to give you all a concrete example of how the couponing system I

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    Default Power Couponing in Action

    Hi, all,

    I wanted to give you all a concrete example of how the couponing system I

    use works. I got my Kroger flyer in the paper this morning (I could have

    looked at it online yesterday but I was lazy and didn't). They have a

    promotion on this week that if you buy 10 of certain items, you get $5 off.

    One of the items is Pillsbury Rolls. We like the Grands and have found that

    they freeze well. If you buy 10, it works out to 50 cents each which is a

    good deal in itself. I went onto eBay to see if there were any coupons out

    there. There is currently a 25 cents off coupon valid until May. My local

    Kroger doubles coupons up to 50 cents so my 25 coupon equals 50 cents off

    each one. That means that they are free. I bought a batch of 20 coupons for

    $1.00 with free shipping so that makes the total cost of the Grands biscuits

    5 cents per roll. I will buy 20 when the coupons come in (probably Wednesday

    or Thursday and freeze them for later. With this method, I never clip or buy

    coupons on the hope that the item will go on sale before the coupon has

    expired anymore. I used to do that all the time and felt bad when the coupon

    expired without using it. This way, I know I'll be able to use the coupon

    immediately. It's made such a huge dent in our food budget!


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    Default Re: Power Couponing in Action

    Talking about coupon, many of us are fad of couponing. Everyone wants to save money on daily expenses. Coupon cutting is one method to save cash on groceries and other items. But, there are disadvantages that some of us are not aware of. Popularized the a TLC reality show “Extreme Couponing,” for some the practice can become an obsession that consumes their lives. Read this here: Coupon clipping can help but it has a dark side.



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