I always feel like a debbie downer when I share PETA's freebies. . .

Download peta2′s free 2012 Winter Sampler.

1. Ed Tullett: "Teeth"
2. Never Shout Never: "All Mine"
3. Plug In Stereo: "Frozen Heart"
4. The Scene Aesthetic: "Stay"
5. Romance On A Rocketship: "A Million Kisses (featuring Vivian Fabry)"
6. Hostage Calm: "Don't Die on Me Now"
7. Such Gold: "Storyteller"
8. The Seeking: "Only a Moment"
9. Fur Of Heaven: "Willow"
10. For the Fallen Dreams: "Hollow"
11. Adestria: "Compromised"
12. Chelsea Grin: "Lilith"

You'll have to copy and paste the link in your browser: