Soy biodiesel is a clean-burning, alternative fuel choice for a wide range of diesel users, like schools, public transportation fleets and semi-trucks. Many consumers have switched to soy biodiesel because of its safety and environmental friendliness compared to petroleum diesel ó and itís also grown and manufactured in the United States.

The kit includes:

  • six lesson plans
  • hands-on experiments
  • necessary equipment for 10 groups of two students to perform each of the kitís hands-on exercises and experiments.

Lesson topics include:

  • the diesel engine
  • development of biodiesel
  • physical and chemical properties of soybean oil and esters
  • thin-layer chromatography
  • determining biodiesel concentrations in diesel
  • and more.

Indiana teachers can receive their free kit (one per teacher) by completing the online order form at Terre Haute Children's Museum or by e-mailing

Soy Biodiesel Education Kit Available Free to Indiana Teachers