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    Default Swimming Pool Salt Water Sys Question

    Anyone here on list use the Salt water System in their swimming pool?

    I am considering getting the Intex system, it sounds great, not having

    to add chemicals and having fresh clear water to swim in...

    1. Does it really work?

    2. How long do you run your pump each day?

    3. What size is your pool?

    4. How long have you been using the system?

    I wasn't overly impressed with the Intex website's answers to FAQ-

    they have a really crappy warranty/guarantee and before I run out and

    spend a couple hundred dollars on this system I would love to hear your

    experiences with it.



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    Jennifer Huff

    Default Swimming Pool Salt Water Sys Question

    I don't have my own pool, but my pool at work uses salt water and it

    is wonderful!! The water feels much better on your skin and you never

    have that chlorine smell when you get out. There is some chlorine

    used, but very little. Sorry I cannot help with your questions, but

    just wanted to let you know from a girl who grew up with a pool, has

    competitively swam my whole life that the salt water pools are very





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