I had receive a podcast for Christmas 2006. If you don't have a podcast, I never realized how many different radio programs on can listen to learn and grow in whatever area you would like. I for example learned so muchon budgeting and fitness from listening to podcasts.

Here's some of my favorites. I walk to work (20 minute walk) and listen to podcasts as well as listen at work at times.

I don't listen to all of them continually, but I have listened to these in the past

1) Money Matters from Crown Financial Ministries - My favorite podcast
2) The Dave Ramsey Show - Pretty clear plans for getting out of debt
3) Vanguard - Plan Talk on Investing

What have you found as the most helpful podcasts for saving money, budgeting as well frugal living? I would like to find a good podcast on more frugal living or living on less.