I think it is my daughter. I did not have anything growing up. My mom made us wear highwaters to school becasue she did not like to shop. The one thing I can say is that when we go shopping i wait for the sales. Like at JC Penny here in NY, They are having a clearance sale of everything. I told my daughter that she can look at things with the Green tag. They were an additional 15% off the already 75% off. My son I am at the point where he is going to be 17. I am buying him gift cards and giving him advice then he takes what he will and see how far the $$ does not go. I am curious what everyones downfall is on their budgeting? I can do great on clothes for mebut I am terrible with clothes for my 13 year old daughter.
I think it is because I didnt have nice clothes etc when I was a kid. I also splurge on fruit. I know that sounds silly but I remeber that as a kid
alot of FRuits were not in my moms food

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