We have five kids ages 8-13. They like to eat, so you can imagine

what our food bills have been like! I came across a good way to make

a major dent in our food bill and wanted to share.

If you have an Aldi's near you, then go to http://www.usa.aldi.com.

This website lists everything in the store, and hundreds of recipes

for every meal, special occasions, etc. Go to the recipe site and

pick a bunch of recipes to print out. Print them (put them in

plastic sleeve protectors if you want), and put them in a 3 ring


Every other week, I let each child pick out two main dishes to use as

recipes for dinner. They take them out of the binder and put them in

the front pocket. I then go back to the Aldi's website to the recipe

list. I click the box in front of the recipes, and am able to print

out a shopping list!

I go through the house and cross off anything we already have at

home, then go shopping. Since the recipes are set for four people,

we just double it. We do find we need to season things up a little

more, but the recipes are delicious and very kid friendly!!

The best part is because they pick out the recipes, the kids eat

better. I'm finding that the bagged salads at Aldi's are fresher

than our regular grocery store for some reason also.

This has made food shopping much easier and cheaper!

Unfortunately eggs and milk are not discounted there, but other

things are!