Home School Secrets: Homeschooling from a Nontraditional Homeschool Perspective (Kindle)

Home School Secrets is a quick read explaining how I prepared my son to become a high school graduate who began attending college at the age of 12.

If you ever wanted to know how middle school or even elementary school students became college students, this first-in-the-series book will show you how I did it with my son. This book chronicles my experience homeschooling using a non-traditional homeschool perspective.

However, this book is different from your traditional homeschooling curriculum. This book is actually a "home school" curriculum, meaning there are strategies from the home setting and strategies from the school setting.

I utilized both in accomplishing this goal with my son.

Find out how to make your child a home school success story now!

Home School Secrets (Homeschooling from a Non-traditional Homeschool Perspective): Kelli DuCloux: Amazon.com: Kindle Store