FREE DC Rainmaker Sticker ~ Military Only

Stickers can be ordered above, the goal here isnít to make any money, but
also not to lose too much money. Iíve streamlined it via Google Checkout Ė
simply because itís super easy for me to download and print to labels. For US
folks, your cost is merely $1 US per sticker (including shipping). For those
outside the US, thereís temporarily no $1 surcharge Ė merely because I canít
(easily) create seperate buckets in Google CheckoutÖso enjoy! Mailings to US
Military bases overseas (APO/FPO) will be free of all charges (including sticker
cost), simply enter in coupon code DCRMIL, and as long as itís an APO/FPO
address youíll be good to go. If youíre military overseas without an APO/FPO
address, shoot me an e-mail and Iíll take care of ya.
DCRainmaker Sticker Request Form | DC Rainmaker