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    Erica Hager

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    the recycle stores you talk about do exist and yes there are people who take advantage but by the same token, its better then the item going to the dumpster. also there is and there are those that place tons of wanted ads and others that place lots of offers and there is the majority that does some of each. the way i see it is one person has something they arent using and willing to offer and another needs it more power to them. it was a huge help with my 2nd baby -- i barely have had to buy her a thing -- and its a good thing too, as I am separated and not yet receiving child support. as she outgrows things I pass them along to others in need and everyone is happy and the dumpster is that much less

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    Erica Hager

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    This topic caught my interest from the beginning and now I have to
    chime in. I am as thrifty as the next person and environmentally
    aware. I buy a large portion of my belongings at thrift stores, I
    recycle, reuse etc.... I even drive a Ford Hybrid Escape. Having
    said all that, I am in no way against Capitalism - we are the great
    nation we are for a reason.

    When I have an item that someone else might be able to use and I am
    going to throw it out - I keep it separate from the rest of my trash
    and put it in clear site - free for the taking. I have had people ask
    if they can have items, I have even asked people if I can have
    items.... BUT when people tear open my trash bags (making a mess) and
    rummage through them, (which I witnessed from inside), I have

    I TOTALLY AGREE -- at that point I would consider it vandalism whey they make a mess!

    I didn't confront the people, because in this day and age,
    confrontations can get ugly real quick, and I am a single female
    living alone. From that day forward, the last thing I do before I
    seal my trash bag, is clean the yard of dog feces. They only tore
    them open one time after that. I am a huge believer in property
    rights and if I pay for something it is mine - I decide who, what
    where and how it is used.

    God bless the USA,

    great letter could not have said it better myself!

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    Cindy Beat

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    My uncle used to get the old breads and cakes from a grocery store. He had a deal with them to feed it to the two cows they had. He had a little pasture so he did not have to buy much grain to fatten them for meat.Thebreadswould go out of date that day or the next.Some was so good they ate it themselves. He received it from them so he did not have to dig. He said they had been giving it to a shelter but the people would take it, andtry to get their money back for moldy bread.
    Cindy in HI

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    The Freegan Thread is Now Closed, if you would like to continue

    discussing it, please take it up in the Forums:

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