All of this is true, I have thought about it and still may if and when

I move. I have two grown kids both with special needs. Youngest was

abused by his father when I wasn't around and I didn't know about it

until after I had left the guy. He has issues because of it. And

please don't email me telling me I should of known, I was young and

stupid back then and I admit it.

But due to what I have had to deal with, with my own kids I feel sure

I can handle kids with problems. As I can without taking out a loan I

have been going to school, And when I'm done I plan on working with

trouble kids, teens that have been sent to juvie etc. I have no

interest in the money, my interest is in helping the kids be better

adults and parents than their bio parents are. After all these kids

are our future.


I doubt you will make much money unless due to the # of kids you get -

you get all sorts of discounts and free items from the government.

The kids you get will not necessarily be at the top of their class and

if you have your own children - taking problem kids into your home may

cause some issues for your own kids.

You will get training but unless you are from their world and

understand what they went through - you patience and ability to cope

will be tested each and every day.

The parenting techniques you use on your own kids will not work here

as kids coming from foster homes will report you for even yelling or

repremanding them. You will be under a microscope and your privacy

will no longer exist.

I also investigated this route but realized after a while that I just

not have enough patience to deal with kids that have lived through

things I have only seen in horror movies.

Many of them have special doctor appointments and counseling session

that you have to drive them to. It is not as easy as taking care of

your own - healthy - adjusted kids that SOMETIMES listen.

Think hard on this because if you are a caring person you will end up

spending more than DSS or the fostercare agency will give you to care

for this kids.

This is GOOD but in the long run - your budget will be non-existent.

You will be taking from your saving to do food and extra clothing and

don't forgot those endless birthday parties they are always invited to

-- I think that cost was quite out of control considering if every kid

had a party and every kid went to every party with some sort of a


I suggest finding a job where you can sell over the internet and not

have to travel every day away from your house.