I would like to share with you what happened at Fred meyers Saturday
to me. They had corn on sale 10 ears for a dollar, unlimited amounts.
Here in the state of Oregon OSHEA has ruled that checkers can not take
the groceries out of the cart and and ring them up. so we customers
mus ttake them out and put them on the revoling belt counter. when you
are doing this ,if your order is big. You can not see what they are
ring up until you have it all on the belt counter.
I had a very small amount of items just big and bulky. Two cases of
corn on the cob..48 ears per case. 5 gallons chocolate milk 5 for
$10.00 . So far this is $19.60, A Nancy's yoghurt 4 pounds for $3.49.
That would be $23.09 . Rick bought chips with his money but it was
placed on my order.So that should have been $25.08. i was keeping a
running tab in my head as few things are more embrassing than going
through line and not having enough money to pay for your groceries. I
had figured our would be about $25.00 plus a few cents. It was more
than that but still under $26.00 . I thought I mus thave
miscaluclated. I asked for help out and while waiting she yells out I
didnot ring up two cases of corn...just one, in a tone tha
tinsinuated I was trying not to pay for one. I quicky said yes you
did and took my receipt over and found out indeed she had charged me
for one at 4 ears for a dollar that is 150 percent more than the
advertized price. I was charged more for one case than what I should
have paid for two. Do you think she would have aplogized..heck no. I
had to get a PIC to come and correct the bill. All th epeople buying
what they thought was 10 for a dollar corn were actually paying full
price $4 for$1.00, a whopping 150% more I had told the checker when
going through the line that there were two cases of corn but she
started talikng to another employee about breaks and mus thave missed
it. When th ePIC came over he was very nice and took me over to
another line..the checker yells she has two cases of corn like I was
trying to rip off the store, when it was her lack of paying attention
to what she was doing that caused the errors. I am very,very,good
about telling the clerks if they for get to charge me for smething.
For example, one of the or clerks charged me $5.00 instead of ten for
two cases of potatoes once and I told him.
When Freddy opens up I am going to call the head manager and have a
talk about this week end. Meat prices and the checker .
I find over rings at stores way too often. Please check your receipts
while still in the store if possible. Take a calculator and ring in
your purchases as you shop, then if you go through line you will know
what you should me paying. I do better with my head than with a
I have always been that way.
always be very proud of yourself to me a good consumer and check
prices ads etc. Do not let stores take advantage of you whether
intentionalor unintentionally .Good shopping skills are a blessing to
be thankful for.
Never be the duped, alot of people do not say anything for fear of
looking cheap...it is not cheap...it is being a good steward of your
money and be treated fairly. God wants you to be treated justly.
A good 20 percent of my receipts have errors on them. A lot I catch in
line a lot I do not.

Do you check all your receipts?
Date: Mon Jun 17, 2002 7:00 am
Subject: please check your receipts