20 Free My Coke Rewards points for playing Family Dollar game

20 free My Coke Rewards points for playing "My Tongue Ith Thtuck" game online.

1. Click link.
2. Click box to accept terms and conditions.
3. Pick an option on the left to choose a picture(I chose desktop and picked any random picture).
4. When picture loads, click Next twice.
5. Select outfit and click Next.
6. Click email icon on left to "Share It".
7. Enter your same email address for "From" and "To"(no need to enter all 3).
8. Click the email with subject "Help - I'm stuck to a pole"
9. Right click link in email and copy link location or copy shortcut.
10. Paste in browser and click "Help Out!"
11. Repeat process of selecting photo and outfit.
12. Once your person helps out, repeat steps 10 and 11 a few more times until you are unstuck.
13. Check email and you should have a 20 point code.


thanks, Restless24 & gullickw
#Budget101 #Freebies