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    Default children chores allowance

    My children (both girls) are 17 and 13...have never had a problem with

    them on work. I started them at 2, to "help" me and put things away.

    Lots of verbal praise, reinforcement of what was great about the

    activity they accomplished. Then as time went by, I would ask if they

    could do more. As the children got older, we created a list of what

    chores I paid for and what I didn't. Every month, usually, the last

    friday of every month - we took money to the bank. The kids are

    savers. When we went to the store, we talked about what we saw - their

    uses, I would ask their opinion on an item - so they were active. So

    they were always an active participant, it was a good game. I never

    wanted them to hate the four letter word - work. My extreme in my

    life, with my mother and I would hear this every day: You're not a

    woman if you don't know how to cook or clean. Not going to get in this

    vain, but I choose a happy medium for my girls. All I know that asking

    their opinion, getting their creativity and asking for their help and

    being firm on what was expected of them, worked for us.

    Nancy Calos-Nakano, Seattle.

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    Default children chores allowance

    My 10 yo son is responsible for quick-cleaning the bathrooms & tidying

    his room daily. He also helps me make his lunches, crushes soda cans,

    brings down & puts away his laundry, and cooks once weekly. He doesn't

    get allowance for these, they're simply his responsibilities.

    Because we don't generally have any spare cash for an allowance, we use

    the chorewars site when he wants something more. He trades in the XP

    or "treasures" he earns doing the chores listed on the site for things

    like watching a movie with popcorn or a trip to the library for more





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