List Price: $541.60 Deal Price: $234.57 You Save: $307.03 (57%)Wavemaker pumps with DC controller allow for the ability to create customized water patterns similar to reef currents and river flows found in nature. With Four operational modes to provide each user the best selection of water settings. The Continuous Flow Mode lets you adjust either pump to flow from 40-100% of maximum power to eliminate specific dead zones or create more current for coral health. Our Tidal Mode is where two pumps are positioned at opposite ends of the aquarium. Pump A runs at maximum flow while Pump B runs at low flow for 12-hour cycle. The two pumps then switch speeds after 12 hours so Pump A runs at low flow, while Pump B runs at maximum flow, simulating a natural tidal ocean current. The Turbulence Mode features both pumps begin at the lowest flow settings and increases up to maximum flow, then power off for five seconds before repeating. The run time to get from the lowest to maximum flow can be adjusted from 10-60 seconds. Continuous/Turbulence Mode is where Pump A runs continuously from 40-100% of maximum power while Pump B is in Turbulence Mode.Expires Nov 14, 2012

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