1.Stretch your clothing budget by concentrating on basic colors, such

as blue, black and gray. Basic colors can be easily interchanged with

different blouses to create diverse outfits.

2.Veer your wardrobe away from the extremely fashionable, trendy

styles that limit how many times and how many ways you can wear them.

3.Don't over accessorize. It's a waste of money trying to match

accessories to all your outfits.

4.Dry cleaning costs add up quickly. So put the silks in the back of

the closet, and move your wash-and-wears upfront.

5.When your clothes are wrinkled, hang them on a shower rod, spritz

them with a fine mist of hot water and they'll be wrinkle-free in the


6.Got a spot? Remove it yourself.

7.Put cash back in your pocket by taking the clothing you no longer

wear -- that's still in good condition -- to a consignment shop.

8.Donate unused items to charity and enjoy the tax deduction.