1.Frequent the library instead of the bookstores. Your tax dollars

fund the library; take advantage of it.

2.Form book clubs with friends, co-workers and relatives to recycle

your books.

3.Read not, waste not. Don't renew subscriptions to magazines or

newspapers you're not reading.

4.If the subscription cost to your favorite magazine goes up, don't

chalk it up to "inflation." Ask for a better price.

5.If you are a student or a teacher, say it loudly and proudly. Some

periodicals and magazines have special rates for academia.

6.Check your favorite magazines' Web sites for online offers that may

be lower than others you've received.

7.Pick up a video at the library rather than renting one. Or, see if

your library has free movie nights.

8.Go to the matinees of first-run movies. Movies with the best prices

usually start between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. So see a show first and then

go eat.

9.Many communities have bargain theaters that show movies after

they've finished their first runs. Patience pays off.

10.Skip the munchies. The concession stand is no bargain even at

bargain theaters. If you can't imagine a movie without popcorn or

Junior Mints, get the smallest size and share.

11.Get rid of that ''1,000 mega-channel lineup,'' and switch to basic

cable. You can save as much as $20 a month.

12.Delete television from your life altogether. It cuts the "I wants"


13.Try out a dollar theater, a local film festival or even a drive-in.

To really save, volunteer at a local fair or festival -- you'll get in


14.If you live in a college town, there's probably a campus movie

theater that shows low-cost art or foreign films.

15.If you don't mind standing during a show, volunteer to usher. Just

don a pair of black pants and a white shirt.

16.Volunteer at fairs, festivals and sporting events. You'll get free

admission, food and camping, have minimal duties and often get to

hobnob with the artists.

17.Review concerts and plays for a local newspaper. You have to be

well-informed about the subject to write a credible review, but you'll

typically get two free seats in the best section of the house.

18.Win concert tickets on the radio by putting station call-in numbers

on your speed dial. A college radio station tends to have the fewest

listeners and usually lots of tickets to give away.

19.Check the newspaper for performances by local artists. They're

usually low cost or free and often held in coffeehouses, bookstores or