We are soon needing to replace my '94 Volvo wagon- given it's age,185,000+ road milesand size it gets pretty decent around town mileage. I am trying to make the decision about replacing it with a hybrid of some sort. They seem really expensive to me and I'm always slow to purchase "new" technology- I wantto be sure the "bugs" are out before I plunk down our hard earned bucks. Does anyoneon list own or drive a hybrid of any sort? Right now I am researching both the Camry and Prius. We need to haul 4 people and trunk size really matters for book bags, suitcases and golf clubs...I would love to hear from someone that drives a hybrid daily- was it worth the extra cost up front? Have you had problems w/batteries or getting service? That sort of stuff... We are still probably6mo away from purchase time as I have to sell my wagon first, but any suggestions/comments/opinions would really be helpful! TIA Lisa G. in GA (where gas just hit 3.10 for regular and who'sDH drives 3 hrs round trip to work each day)


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