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    Default This week menu outline

    OK, I flopped last month, but this month I am going to do much better! Food shopping today was a little disheartening because I mainly shopped for household staples and it cost $73.00, but I am not deterred. I already have 7 supper meals planned out for the week (breakfast and lunches seem to take care of themselves ).

    Here I go:

    1. Herb Roasted Chicken Leg Quarters
    2. Chicken & Rice Soup (made with the one leftover chicken leg quarter)
    3. Ravioli
    4. Roast chicken
    5. Chicken & barley Soup (made with the leftover chicken carcass)
    6. Spaghetti with Sausage sauce

    And tonight’s supper:

    Large salad with homemade cornbread (yum).

    I broke down tonight’s supper (for 2 people) to see what it cost me and here is what I discovered:
    Romaine Lettuce (1/2 a head) - .99
    Celery (about 1/3 of a bunch)- .50
    Tomatoes - .30 (I received a great deal on these two weeks ago, they were about .14 cents apiece)

    4 Hard boiled eggs - .55
    Walnuts (small handful) - .50
    Salad dressing – 1.26 (this is high I know, but my husband and I either eat homemade or store bought good stuff, and I am two tired to whip up a batch of homemade)

    The estimated total for two HUGE salads $3.95! Add to that the cornbread which costs under $2.00 to make, we have a meal for around $6.00. Plus there will be extra cornbread for my sons when they get home from work tonight or we can have it for breakfast tomorrow morning.

    Whew! What a work out this gives a person!
    Happy budgeting everyone!

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    Default Re: This week menu outline

    Good going BellaRosa! See, that chinese food only served to inspire you. I am a country girl and as soon as I saw corn bread for breakfast my heart did a little pitty patter. Ummm, love corn bread and milk. Good use of that carcass. I always cook mine also. Looks like your in to it now.
    Have fun.



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