How to calculate the gas usage in vehicle

To calculate gas mileage, it will take a cycle of filling up the gas

tank twice.

The first time you fill it up, fill it up. You do this, so that when

you fill it up the second time, you top it off exactly as you did the

first time, so it is a similar fill up.

Once you fill it up the first time, while you are sitting at the pump,

reset your mileage meter on your vehicle, or write down the current

mileage on the odometer (100 miles for example) you won’t need to

register how much gas you bought, gallons, at this fill up.

When you go back and fill it up the second time, you will again, write

down the current mileage (400 for example)

Then you will figure up the difference in the mileages you wrote down

400 minus (-) 100 = 300 used miles…..if it took 10 gallons to fill it

up the second time you will divide the mileage by the number of

gallons that it took the second time to top it back off, to the max.

this will give you the exact mpg that your car gets.

In the example case it would have been

400-100=300 used miles /divided by 10 gallons = 30 MPG. Hope this helps.

We do this EVERY time we go on a trip, just to see how much mpg that

the car gets, because we know it get’s better on the open road,

compared to around town.

Gwyn Grega

North Carolina