This one is HIGHLY Suspicious, it's a brand new site- and it would cost Thousands and Thousands of dollars in postage alone to send out a million free items, particularly for a new company that doesn't have ANY contact info and just began a couple days ago.

The offer is spreading as:

Tuggly . com will be launching once they get to about 1 million registrations. If You Register You Will Get A Free Gift Whether Being A Pen, Stickers, Flyers, Shirts, Or Something Else With The Logo. Will Be A Fun, Family Friendly Website Sort Of Like A Social Network But Not A Social Network, Just A Lot Better.

http:// tuggly. com

Domain Name: TUGGLY.COM

Chase Hershey (
1817 West 4th Street

New Jersey,08854
Tel. +00.9084440660

Creation Date: 21-Oct-2012
Expiration Date: 21-Oct-2013