List Price: $799.99 Deal Price: $299.99 You Save: $500.00 (63%)Special guest deal presented by our colleagues at "Now, now, what seems to be the trouble? Let's take a look here. Oh, I'm retired now. But an old Rug Doctor like me stills knows a thing or two about what ails your carpets. I've seen it all in my time, youngster. Stairs, tight spaces, cars, upholstery; I reckon there isn't a type of stain or filth I haven't treated through the years. I may be a discontinued model now, but my 2.6-gallon solution tank and 3.1-gallon recovery tank are as spry as ever. Heavy-gauge Rug Doctors like me are just about indestructible, y'know. Hmm, now… looks like you've got a nasty case of nap crud here. It's unpleasant, but nothing we can't fix. Just apply this vibrating brush and it should be fluffy and fresh as ever in no time. You take good care now, OK? Oh, you can put that insurance card away. This is one doctor who does things the old-fashioned way."Expires Oct 24, 2012

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