Hi Angie,

I realized later that you and I were talking about 2

different tests. YOU meant a water test - showing

bacteria, iron, and other minerals in the water. I

meant what they called a "Well Test" which sets the

rate of water flow at a certain rate and lets the well

pump for 45 mins. If it goes for the full 45 minutes,

it passes. If it stops sooner, it fails the "well


Mine failed. It pumped for a half an hour. I

think it's because the pump is very old. It is a

submersible and was installed in 1960. They are

supposed to last for 10 years though some have lasted

as long as 25. So I think the well test failed

because of the pump, but then someone else on the list

mentioned wells needing to be redrilled. Therefore, I

am wondering if that is more likely or is the pump

being so old the more likely cause of the failure of

the well test. THAT'S what I was wondering.

Sometimes e-mail is a very hard way to communicate.

But, if anyone knows the answer to this, I'd sure

appreciate hearing it.

Thank you.


<< Yes when we first put in our well they had us pour

bleach in it. I

don't know why exactly but that's what they told us.

So your buyer backed

out? Who tested your your water? They didn't give

you any info on how

to fix the problem? That's crazy they should help


Angie >>

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