List Price: $129.99 Deal Price: $81.65 You Save: $48.34 (37%)The PetSafe Simply CleanTM Litter Box System is the only cat litter system that cleans and removes waste continuously and automatically. The ingenious Simply CleanTM system removes waste from the litter box to a built-in waste container via a quiet, slow-moving Conveyor System. The cleaning action is automatic and runs 24 hours a day. With the Simply CleanTM Litter Box, odor and the bacteria that cause it are reduced. Your cat's litter box is always fresh and ready for use. Clean and safe, the Simply CleanTM Litter Box System will save you time while keeping your cat healthy.Features and Benefits:Continuously cleans without disturbing your cat.Unit moves at one rotation per hour.Quiet operation- no initiation or running sound.Great for nighttime use.Economically and environmentally safe- uses recycled plastic shopping bags.Easy to clean.Reduces odor and odor-causing bacteria.No tools required for assembly. Safe, no moving parts.For cats up to 12 lbs.Expires Oct 23, 2012

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