List Price: $383.00Deal Price: $321.87You Save: $61.13 (16%)The Bel-Art Frigimat Cub portable dry ice maker, model number 388740000 by Scienceware, is an on-demand unit, and has a transparent polycarbonate body to view ice production. Dry ice is used to keep a substance or object cool for food handling and shipping, science, and medical applications, and is used to create a fog-type of atmosphere in the entertainment industry. This unit is lightweight and compact, for ease of setup and transportation. Even when filled, the unit is not as cold as the dry ice. Use of cryogenic gloves for protection (sold separately) allows for safe transport of the ice maker. A nickel-plated pigtail connects the ice maker to the CO2 cylinder valve to regulate gas flow. It operates at very low pressure, which is displayed on the built-in dial gauge, and the unit incorporates multiple pressure relief safeguards. Within three to five minutes, this dry ice maker can produce one ready-to-use 250 to 350 gram block of dry ice. A 50-lb. cylinder of liquid carbon dioxide [(LCO2) sold separately, locally] equipped with a dip tube can make from ten to sixteen blocks of dry ice. The dry ice maker body secures without the use of clamps, screws, or tools for ease of solid block dry ice removal and disconnection from the LCO2 cylinder. The unit includes a 1.8-meter (6-foot), nickel-plated copper connecting tube with standard CGA 320 thread coupling for attachment to a LCO2 cylinder. It is a U.S. model (unmarked nut) for direct connection to an LCO2 tank. Threads on the LCO2 tank (supplied by tank manufacturer) must match the U.S. model. The ice maker’s dimensions are 7.625 (l) x 6.5 (h) x 5.65 (w) inches, and it weighs 3.8 lbs., with valve attachment. Dry ice temperature is -109.3 degrees F (-78.5 degrees C).Expires Oct 31, 2012

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