Common Homemade Cleaners - A Grocery List
All Purpose Cleaner - Fill a 32oz spray bottle nearly full with water. Add a squirt or two of Ivory Liquid Dish soap. Put the sprayer back on and gently shake the bottle until the soap has been evenly distributed. Use Ivory because most other dish soaps leave behind a filmy residue. Ivory is especially safe for Corion, marble and wood counter tops and butcher blocks. And it?s safe to use on brass or gold plated faucets.

Baking Soda - use as a mild abrasive on surfaces where scratching can be caused by other abrasive cleaners like glass and fiberglass and toilet bowls.

Brake Cleaner ? a last resort if the shaving cream doesn?t remove a food stain.

Cornstarch - use to absorb oil or grease spots in carpet or clothing.

Hydrogen Peroxide - use instead of bleach to whiten clothes, remove red dye and perspiration stains. Kills mold and mildew

Rubbing Alcohol - removes ink also see window cleaner below

Shaving Cream - removes most food stains

Vinegar - removes lime and water spots. Excellent disinfectant. Used with baking soda to open drains etc.

Porcelain Cleaner - Mix a bit of Cream of tarter and water together and paste onto the porcelain surface. Wait an hour and rub gently to remove surface stains.

Toilet Bowl Cleaner - Vinegar and Baking Soda. Pour vinegar into the toilet let it set 30 minutes. Sprinkle baking soda on a brush and scour. It cleans and deordorizes. Pour a cup of vinegar in the bowl and let it set overnight. Do this once a month to dissolve the hard water ring and keeps new ones from forming

Borax and Lemon Juice - Mix enough paste to cover the rings and apply. Let the mixture sit for 2 hours and scrub thoroughly.

Window Cleaner - In a 32oz spray bottle of water put 1/3 cup vinegar and ? cup rubbing alcohol. Fill with water. No other cleaner is needed. If you insist on using a cleaner use 1 tablespoon of automatic dishwashing detergent. It cleans without streaking glass like ammonia.

Where To Find Some Chemcals
Common basic ingredients used for most homemade cleaners can be bought in the grocery store. If you want some of the less common ingredients, here is a list of where you can usually find them. Not all paint or hardware stores will carry them; phone to find one that does, as some ingredients are not much in demand today.

Acetone - hardware and drug store (is in nail polish remover)
Art Gum - art supplies
Boiled Linseed Oil - hardware or paint store

Denatured Alcohol - hardware or drug store
Fuller's Earth - hardware or drug store
Gum Turpentine - art supplies, hardware or paint store
Neats Foot Oil - shoe repair shop or hardware
Oxalic Acid - hardware or drug store
Pumice Powder - paint or hardware store
Raw Linseed Oil - hardware or paint store
Rotten-stone - hardware or paint store
Stick Shellac - art supplies, hardware or paint store
Tung Oil - paint store
Whiting - hardware (or school athletic department - used to mark white lines on fields
This article has been contributed in part by Michigan State University Extension