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Hawk Eye is capable of taking clear and steady video recording even while it is flying. Base on the outlooks of above image the heli has 2 channel IR (possibly the same chassis as the Sharp Shooter) that includes throttle and left/right control with analog trim. There are two separate buttons on the controller, one for picture and the other for video.This futuristic looking Heli/Droid looking RC indoor copter is the latest from Air Hogs RC. It can shoot clear and steady video and its video eye-in-the-sky camera is positioned for forward-looking aerial surveillance. Its built-in "Steady-Fly" gyro technology and co-axial rotor design make the Hawk Eye very stable and easy to fly. The camera can capture up to 5-minutes of video (320x240 pixels in full color) or it can take hundreds of photos (640x480) An included USB cable allows quick download to your PC to view, share and edit. The Hawk Eye also charges through your computer.The Hawk Eye comes with free access to a unique Air Hogs video editing platform located at airhogs website where you can personalize your video with sound affects, images and text. You can even showcase your video creations online to share with friends.

Expires Oct 23, 2012

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