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Genre: Games
Release Date: September 28, 2012
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Monster Tower

Brand new defense game!
Monsters&#39; counterattack is going to start now.

Poor monsters have been badly treated for their scary-looking.
Now you should protect them!

- 36 kinds of various monsters!
- Three episodes of Human/Zombie/Machine!
- New type of strategy/tactic of attacking enemies by installing traps!
- Maps that consist of floors!

Misunderstanding monsters as a devil made everyone hate them, finally
they had to wander aimlessly without home.

The life of avoiding enemies who attack constantly and running away has been repeated.
Eventually only a small number of monsters survived.

Now the Last hope is a revival of &#39;Monster King&#39;!
We must protect the king&#39;s egg until the Monster king hatches!

The fierce battle fighting against the enemy is going to start until the king is revived.

[Game tips]

- Using traps with monsters can make an attack more efficient.

- Win the game through a strategic deployment creating melee monsters in the front and range monster[Efreet] in the rear.

- Saving summon energy and creating forces at a time can make an attack more powerful.

- Use fully various features of each trap.

- Only monsters with air attack can attack monsters that fly in the air.
[Wing]mark is displayed to monsters that can attack in monster information of upgrade window.

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