The Atlas Brace was born and fueled from the racers perspective. Designed by a racer and refined over a 3 year period by a team of Engineers and Bio-mechanical experts, then tested by some of the top professional riders in the world. The end result delivers innovative features, comfort, simplicity and adjustability. The Atlas Brace is designed to simply slip on over head like a helmet. During regular use this system is a repeatable process that doesn’t require the use of any clips, fasteners, or parts that could deteriorate over time and cause the brace to fall off during use. It is also the only brace to offer an Emergency Release System (ERS), allowing safe removal or transfer to a medical brace after an accident or crash. The Atlas brace features a unique two-part frame design moves with the body for a more natural and comfortable experience, without feeling bulky or restrictive. It also sits around the sternum instead of on top, reducing the likelihood of sternum fractures.Expires Oct 23, 2012

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