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I'm wanting to learn how to budget my money .can someone please help me

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    Default Budgetting :hello

    I'm wanting to learn how to budget my money .can someone please help me

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    Sue Bogert

    Default Budgetting :hello

    we work on the zero based budget. "Dave Ramsey". Every penny is assigned a

    place. We took all our yearly bills and divided them by 52 and set up the

    envelope system (an envelope for each bill) and when the check arrives the

    alotted amount goes into the appropriate envelope. We even have a BLOW

    envelope. The blow envelope is money that is allowed to be spent for anything

    and not have to explain to anyone.

    Angeline <eeksmom_mn@yahoo.com> wrote: I'm wanting to learn how to budget my

    money .can someone please help me

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    Default Budgetting :hello

    Do you have any specific questions?

    I would start by getting out a piece of paper and writing down every thing

    that you spend money on. Include everything from rent/mortgage payment; car

    insurance; medications; to groceries; dog food; daycare fees; cable, phone,

    utilities. all debts and your daily newspaper & a doughnut. You have to know

    what you are spending. Then, we can classify things into fixed expenses vs.

    more "non-fixed" (I know there is another word for them, but it escapes me just


    Include your income - on a monthly basis and then broken down by payroll (do

    you get paid once a week, every two weeks, on commission, etc.) That way you

    can divvy up what to pay by when the funds come in.

    Plus, you can figure out where you can trim your expenses; build up your

    savings, pay more towards debts and get away from the beast once and for all.


    Angeline <eeksmom_mn@yahoo.com> wrote:

    I'm wanting to learn how to budget my money .can someone please help me

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    Sherry Hook

    Default Budgetting :hello

    The easiest way to set up a budget is to list your current regular
    monthly expenses—rent/mortgage, utilities, phone, charge card etc. Then
    list bills that come every other month or quarterly. Compare this to your take
    home pay. Then look at what’s left and divide this between your other
    discretionary expenses—groceries, gas, eating out. The discretionary
    expenses are where you can make the most impact in your budget.

    Then, track your current expenses for one month (or if you
    use a debit card quite often, look through your checkbook register for the past
    month). You may find that you’re spending more on groceries and eating
    out than you realized.

    When I went through this process, I realized that I was
    spending over $600/month on groceries for my family of 6—and we were
    spending about $200 on fast food per month. Also, my kids were eating lunch at
    school—another expense that adds up quickly when 3 are in elementary
    school! Since then, we have reduced our fast food purchases, and I’ve
    reduced my grocery bill to around $400/month. I’ve been cooking more
    meals—especially using my crock pot and making 2 casseroles on Sunday for
    us to eat throughout the week. I make my menus out before going to the grocery
    store so that I know what to get ahead of time—and I shop the sales.

    Hope this helps.




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