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    Default Christmas Wedding

    I suggest trying to get out to the stores NOW. A number of the

    hobby/craft stores still have the last of Christmas they are trying

    like crazy to get rid of as in 90% off.

    Mid summer is also a good time to look at Goodwill for Christmas trees.

    Candles will show up on sale in the right colors at Valentine's Day and


    Check out the sewing stores for Bleached Muslin. Often on sale at $1 a


    After Easter you might find silk tulips eaven cheaper.

    Best of Luck and Blessings

    Karen in Colorado

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    rebecca bean

    Default Christmas wedding

    Hi I had a friend who had a christmas wedding.She planned it so she could use

    all the ponsittas that the church had for decoration.It was really pretty.

    The flowers were already there she just moved them around & back after the

    wedding. Also keep in mind that the day after christmas they will start marking

    the flowers down. --rebecca

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