Product Description

Clean, filtered, circulating water will keep your pet hydrated and healthy and the CleanFlow's no-splash, quiet design will keep you happy! This product was developed in response to other fountain and filter bowls on the market, many of which are a bit too loud, splash on the floor, or do not filter properly.

To address a clear need in the pet market for an all-inclusive design, K&H is now proud to sell CleanFlow water bowls. The K&H CleanFlow water filtration bowl features high flow filtration, ease of cleaning, splash proof design, and most importantly…silence. It disassembles in seconds and is dishwasher safe. The high circular flow of the water attracts your pet’s attention and encourages drinking. There are three sizes available for dogs and a size especially for cats. All of the units can be purchased with or without an extra volume reservoir tank. If you purchase without the reservoir but decide later you’d like it, no problem, there are optional reservoir kits available for purchase.

The beauty of a water filtration system is the time you will save when you do not have to clean and refill your pet’s water bowl every single day. It filters a full bowl up to 130 times per hour through charcoal that helps remove impurities. Add a reservoir tank which stores up to 1.5 gallons of water and you will be amazed at how long their water stays full and fresh!

Include cleaning brushes and a two-year warranty. Replacement filter packs are available for purchase. CUL-listed pump.

Tips & Tricks

Special Care Instructions

The pump and filter removing quickly and easily and the bowl is dishwasher safe. The reservoir is hand wash only.

We recommend cleaning the water pump and filter at least once per month to extend their life and keep your water fresh for the longest length of time. See instructions in packaging for further instructions.

Replacing the Water Filter

Replacement water filters are available. The filter should be rinsed thoroughly wth cool water before the first use and should be rinsed during every refill thereafter. The filters should be replaced every month. This will ensure loose charcoal is rinsed out.

Product Features

  • Filters up to 130 times per hour
  • Filters out floating, suspended and sinking particles
  • Charcoal filter helps remove impurities
  • Attracts your pet's attention, encouraging water consumption
  • Silent, leak proof design
  • Dishwasher safe bowl for easy cleaning
  • Cleaning brushes included
  • CUL-listed pump for safety
  • 2-year warranty

Special Product Features

Quiet Design

K&H has designed the CleanFlow with a high quality, CUL listed pump that is isolated and submerged below the water line. This patent pending design makes the CleanFlow virtually silent. This helps give everyone a good night's sleep.


The highly efficient components of the CleanFlow water bowl are all submerged beneath the water surface, eliminating “spilling water” that is common in other pet bowls. Many “waterfall” type filters continually splash water droplets which can be harmful to carpets and floors over time. The bowl also has finger grips built in to the sides to prevent sExpires Oct 22, 2012

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