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    Tracy Feuer

    Default frugal cell phone usage

    I just wanted to chime in on the frugal cell phone thing.

    I used to have a cell phone on my moms plan which turned out to be a big headache.

    Her idea was to put me, and my sister, her and her sister all on one plan since the four of us could call each others cell for free. we were all going to chip in a certain amount each month.

    Well my sister used not just all the minutes for her phone but all of the minutes for all of the phones some ridiculous amount I can't even tell you how many and then some resulting in a huge bill.

    So mom disconected her phone well things went well.

    I was paying $30 a month and mom said I was talking about 300 minutes a month. I was doing that because once sis was off the plan we had accumulated so many roll over minutes.

    Then I switched to net ten I liked their plan because it was so simple just ten cents a minute none of this so much for your first call each day, and all of those other confusing things that so many of the pre paid phones do.

    Well net ten cards are 300 minutes and sixty days of service for $30 plus any unsused minutes roll overso I cut my bill in half and I have accumulated lots of minutes. I found I was talking on my cell a lot just because I had all of those minutes. I found once I was on my own plan without all of the first so many minutes free I talked much less. I used my house phone for chatting now and just use my cell phone for those times I am running late I be there in a few minutes. type calls.

    I went from 300 minutes a month to using 300 minutes in six months and that was going on vacation for ten days at christmas where I used my phone the most.

    I am not trying to sell anyone on net ten just one gals expierence.

    Tracy in VA

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    Dee Bleau

    Default frugal cell phone usage

    WHere would you get this plan?

    I have Sprint but am finding that we are always over. And it is my son and


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