Welcome & Bi-Weekly Reminder of the List Rules!

Hello all! (Don't delete without reading. Yes, there is a test later.)

I just wanted to take a moment to welcome you to the list.
I have added several items in our groups files folders to make
life a little easier, including a free azz program (to sort recipe
cards, and information) along with several azz files that are
already loaded with information.


Our list is all about budgeting, mix recipes, saving money on groceries,
coupons (if need be ), Inexpensive Vacationing, Kids recipes & ideas,
and tons more. I try to include as many gift recipes as possible for all
occasions, but if you are looking for something in particular, please
take a moment to post your request to the list.

If you find you are receiving too much mail, consider digest mode, which
compacts around 25 messages into 1 email. The directions for changing your
mail subscription is at the bottom of each and every email from our list.

Please take a moment to review our rules:

These rules are an integral part of your membership to Budget101. When we
started this list we only had a few rules. But over the years, due to problems
that came up or votes by membership we now have RULES!

By subscribing to this list, you agree to abide by them. We will permanently
moderate (or remove and/or ban) those who are nasty, rude, argumentative,
complain or are not in compliance. The flavor of your posts must never be
combative, bitchy, catty or snotty. We are here to HELP each other, not
criticize. It takes every member to keep a list this large running smoothly.
Please do not email list owner or moderator about list rules. This should
explain it all.

Now for a few of the easy rules:

*******PLEASE TRIM YOUR POSTS*************

This means when you are replying to an email DO NOT include the ENTIRE EMAIL in your reply.

You can include a SMALL portion of the email you are replying to. Try to stick
to a couple (2-3 at MOST) of relevant lines.

Delete all headers and footers.

List members who do not trim their posts will be placed on moderation.

**********PLEASE SIGN YOUR MAILS*************

This means when you are to sign your name at the bottom of every single mail
you send to the list.

List members who continue to send unsigned posts after being warned risk having
their mail deleted!!


This is a high volume list. IF you change subject lines properly then when
responding to a post of the same subject you should not have to include ANY of
the email you are responding too since those reading the thread will be able to
follow it anyway. Subject line MUST be list-related due to daily deluge of
unsavory spam and pornography posts. This also enables members to utilize
delete key if subject line is not of interest to them.


Please do not send any notices of threats of viruses or terrorism to this list.
You may send directly to list owner and/or please check out
http://urbanlegends.miningco.com/mbody.htm this site which addresses past and
current threats

Due to a Recent Flood of Solicitations: Absolutely NO posts soliciting
donations, etc. for ANY cause!


Signature lines may not be longer than 50 characters per line and 3 lines total and contain only the following info:
Your name, Name of Personal Website
URL to same or line that states what you create
Line of humor or philosophical message.

(and please don't advertise in your signatures either)


Why do we moderate new members? We want new members to know how to post and
what 'flavor' we expect in their posts. Any posts that do not follow list
protocol will be deleted without explanation. All members' posts are moderated
for a minimum of 50 posts.

You will not get OFF of moderated status until you prove you can trim your
posts and change your subject lines.

ALSO the moderators do not have time to trim your posts for you so if a post
comes through moderate that is not trimmed it will be sent back to you to trim
before it is sent to the list.

Members who are no longer on moderate and don't follow list rules will be
returned to moderate PERMANENTLY without notice or unsubbed as the situation

Following these simple rules will make life easier for folks on digest and save
money for those folks who must PAY for their Internet by the amount of time
they are on line.

*********NO MAIL SETTING*******************

You may NOT set your mail delivery to 'no mail' and remain a member. If you
wish to read your e-mail on-line, please set to 'Digest'. We assume when you
join that you want to be an active member, if this is not the case, you may

want to look for a list more suitable to your needs. The ONLY exception to
this is if you have notified the admin/moderators that you are going on


Please do not send personal messages or personal replies to posts and/or ads to
the list. Also if someone asks for a supplier of a certain item, please respond
directly to the person for whom they are intended. We do not want this list to
be a 'referral list'.

Due to the High Volume of the list, We are attempting to keep down gabby posts,
OT posts*, 'one-liners' like 'thanks', "I agree with you", etc. PLEASE send
these DIRECTLY to the person for whom intended. 3000 other people really don't
want to read those types of posts. This includes those, "I Live in PA too,
where do you live?" Threads.

List owners or moderators reserve the right to remove any posts or threads
without explanation.

********ADVERTISING ON LIST ******************

If you would like to Advertise a product or service on our list, Please Visit
http://www.budget101.com/advertisingrates.htm for rates. All ads must be Pre-
Paid Prior to sending to the list. What is Advertising? Any link or post
intended to Solicit business or monetary gain.


Your responsibility as a valuable member:

Share your successes and failures as well as recipes and hints for
budgeting, frugalness, mixes, gift ideas, kids, homeschooling, homemade
toiletries, cleaners, household stuff, crafts, fundraising, pets, hobbies, etc.
Hey, the truth is, we're pretty open to most topics, except religious or
political debates!

Thanks so much.

List Moderators