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    Tracy Feuer

    Default Affordable Weddings

    Here are some tips for an affordable wedding. DH and I renewed our vows two years ago and so many people in our church gave of their time, talent and resources. I had never had a wedding before when we married we went to the justice of the peace.

    Someone asked me was it all you dreamed of and I said I never dreampt that big.

    Some church members had wedding arches in their attics they loaned to us. They already had white lights and white tulle on them.

    One friend volunteered to coordinate all of the food and my closest friends gave gifts of food. Only the very closest friends and family those who know your financial situation that way I was able to not look cheap.

    I made my own dress for less than $100 but I am a plus size 24 in a regular dress and the cheapest plus size dress in my area was $500 if I had been around a size 12 there were several gorgeous ones at salvation army and goodwill.For like $35. Also Target has an affordable wedding dress for I think around $100.

    My bridesmaids dresses came from JC Penny and were $69 a piece. Simple pink sheer dresses.

    Hubby and his groomsmen wore banded collar shirts and black pants and black vest. It gave the look of a tux with much less cost and even the men who had to buy a shirt, vest and pants spent less than renting a tux and they got to keep the outfits which they have all worn to other weddings. We ordered them all from the same place because I hate when the shades of black don't match but my father had all of this in his closet and I felt that his did have to match the other men exactly.

    another friend made our wedding cake.

    My mom is very talented with silk flowers and I had planned to buy pink roses a little each week until we had enough but another friend ordered a gross of pink roses for about a dollar each from costco and made the arrangements.

    I checked a book out of the library about elegent simple weddings.

    the idea of the book wasmore simple the wedding the more elegant.

    my bridemaids carried a single rose tied with a simple pink ribbon.

    We rented glass dishes and stainless silverware.

    the theme was victorian, simple, elegant.

    I know the victorian era was very ornate but by doing a period wedding we were able to do without favors and anything else disposable.

    Simple glass dishes and white tableclothes provided the simple elegance these can be rented.

    I made my own invitations with a greeting card factory program that I had on my computer. I made rsvp postcards to match the invitations decorated with pink roses. Which at one time would be considered tacky but these days are echo friendly.

    Hope this is helpful.

    Tracy in VA

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    Default Affordable Weddings

    One thing I would stress is that if you're in an area that uses

    favors (like me; in my entire life, the only wedding I've been to

    without favors was in another part of the country), cheapest is

    best! I say that as a guest. I love getting seeds, bookmarks, tiny

    cuttings, or magnets, and Jordan almonds or Hershey's kisses can be

    charming. But expensive personalized favors are ugly atrocities most

    recipients don't want in our homes. Really. Personalize the seeds,

    bookmarks, or something cheap and most guest will love them, and

    those who want permanent mementos can save them.



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